As American bonsai finds its voice, I believe it’s important that all involved contribute their work so we can bring the art form to the next level.  Shortly after I began learning bonsai, it was evident that many of these trees we work so hard on were being planted in the same generic factory made pots or some ancient artifact to which most people don’t have access. This was hard to resolve and it lead me to learn ceramics so I can make pots for my own trees. I hope others who are looking for a bit of originality can find that in my pots as well. Rather than the typical few large drain holes, my pots have numerous smaller holes, providing plenty of drainage while keeping the soil in place, more options for tie-down wires and making plastic mesh optional, if not obsolete. A screenless bonsai pot. I believe it’s important to keep the pot’s design and proportions complimentary to the tree, but also be interesting pieces, allowing one to stray in one’s own aesthetic direction when the situation calls for it.